A lot has happened in the past few years I’ve lived my life in silence–a life without Facebook, not so much about Instagram, a life where all I did was live in the absence of a screen and to carry on as if nothing happened.

I can no longer remember the time I stopped writing, and blogging. One day I was enthusiastic to write and write and write, to live and feel every aspect of my existence, to weave parts of my reality into stories that only a handful will ever know which was fact from fiction. Life when you’re at 22, 23, 24, 25 seems endless and the best it has ever been, like there is no need to chase daylight for people in that age live for the night.

I’m older now. I’m back to writing, two weeks shy of turning 29. Being young and youthful has run its course, and maybe perhaps I’ve gone rough at the edges. Life jaded me enough to take a break from working until the night, from living so hard, from spending at my most reckless, that all I want now is calm.

It is high time to return to where we started: to live life at a more practical pace, to be able to sit at a desk in the same way I do now, and to write.

A lot has happened in the past few years. We can start with love.

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