On Love, Writing

When Love Might be Enough

Love was stronger, I thought to myself. Love is the higher law. I’m going to give this all I got for as long as I can, but I can not rest easy in the fact that I was walking towards the path of surrendering her to another person.

It was the kind of ending I was not supposed to handle, but I’d done all my efforts and expected for the worst, all in the exact same sentence.

On Love, Writing

The Descend into Goodbye

I wanted so much for us in as much as you dreamed of so much for our future. There were things I did not say, many of which might be here, in hopes you read them someday. No one would dare tell you they dreamt of the future and began to work for it, like the dream house you thought of but I’m five figures in. In the days we had together, plenty but not enough, we wanted to travel and I tried my best to work out how to make all your wishes and dreams come true. To be loved by you was the greatest reward, to be appreciated by you was the best kind of love.


Now, I am 29

I’m surprised I even made it to this age. I always thought of my life ending at 21, and then maybe at 27. Just in case I seem too optimistic sometimes, this is the very reason why. One does not ever consider how fragile life is, until you see a few years later how the tides turn, and they’re still here.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Life’s changing seasons are the sole constants in our existence, yet there are people who will always make the decision to stay.