Mamu makes us potato and camote (sweet potato) fries as an after-work snack. This becomes my driving force to run on the treadmill today, so I can have fries afterwards.

Cabin fever is slowly creeping in.

There’s but so much that we can do at home. More than that, the quarantine is basically forcing housemates to be stuck with each other like we’re all in one Big Brother fiasco. To cope, I try to continue with the same routine: 8:00AM means I am at our temporary workspace. There is plenty more time to do things, and while that much is true, there is not much drive to do things because of the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, and just how long the Philippines can stay in quarantine before this all blows over. The numbers are still rising ever so slowly, but with a virus of this scale without a cure in sight, the anxiety also mounts.

Today, we also start praying. I live in a household where praying is saved for Sundays, and maybe on the occasions when everyone else needs something. We tune in with the rest of the world, praying and hoping for the onslaught to end. Praying helps, if that’s your thing. It still makes sense to have an anchor of some sort, if that will provide some peace of mind.

But then, prayer can only work for so long. What we need is prayers and science. There is no use praying to a higher being for as long as people are still hanging out en masse, thinking it’s just the flu, it will go away, and if they die, they die. If there is still another person on this Earth saying if they die, they die, they’re probably not thinking of their housemates–parents of an advanced age. Grandparents playing with grandkids. The 18-year-old our on Spring Break will probably have a decent fighting shot at the Coronavirus; it’s their 80-year-old grandfather that’s not going to be as lucky.

I hope the thought sinks in.

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