It’s the first weekend of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Things are becoming more volatile as each day passes, and the cabin fever is gradually getting worse.

There is a strange sense of calm in the neighborhood. Outside, there are no more rumbling engines. Footfalls are rare to come by, and even our neighbor across the street has kept to themselves since all this began. I make busy with household chores; with everyone at home walking everywhere, cleaning the house becomes utmost importance. My only problem right now is a sore knee because of overdoing the workout at the treadmill too quickly; I clean each floor and then sit for a few minutes when it starts to hurt to stand. The kneecap is a little tender, but still bearable.

Today is the first weekend that my father is forced to shelter in place because of the quarantine. This time, he’s stuck at his house just as bored as we are. He tells me of the lack of newspaper given that everyone has been asked to stop to work; with everything available digitally, he will need some assistance to read the news online. The best guess is that he is stuck with the TV or radio on to catch up with the rest of the world. The longest we’ve been away from each other is two weeks in 29 years; this is something new we have to deal with. He is close to retirement, with a terrible smoking habit he just can’t kick. If he catches this virus, the chances of survival might be questionable. I continue checking up on him while life happens for us at home: cooking and cleaning, listening to the news and praying and hoping for the end of the quarantine.

Dalgona Coffee: the second attempt.

On a lighter note: To pass the time, I decide to try making Dalgona coffee, which has been making the rounds on the Internet with everyone bored and without access to a fancy coffee shop. The good news is I understand the hype: it’s strong with a smooth base, and it’s as close as we can get to Starbucks right now. The bad news is my first attempt was pretty bad, so I made a second one at almost 5:00PM. This ended with me wide awake at 2:00 AM on a Sunday, desperately begging for sleep.

In the middle of the night, playing games on my phone, Rachelle stirred in her sleep and asks me to please sleep. I laugh to myself as she falls in and out of slumber; maybe we’re alone right now, but not really.

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