PortraitCelina Chan, or Ina is a 28-year-old living in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. During the day, she works as a Project Management Officer for a government agency, and volunteers her time as church pianist during Sundays.

Born, raised, and educated in the city, she finished high school in an exclusive school for girls, and entered the University of Santo Tomas taking up a degree in Accountancy upon her mom’s persuasion, and left with a degree in Communications, her degree of choice. After college, she’s gone back to school several times for Graphic Design as well as a teacher’s certificate in anticipation of shifting careers in the future. So far, that has not happened yet.

Her real-life experience leans towards project management, client interfacing, conceptualization, and creative thinking. A brief stint for an events agency led her to public service, working with and among colleagues in developing and implementing events that cater to Creatives.

She lives with her parents, two siblings, Mamu, and a terrier named Kaila.

About 365inasnap

365inasnap is a username that means Every Day, Ina Takes Pictures. It has gone through may iterations, such as a photoblog, a money diary, and a journal. It was intended to be a time capsule for her future children, if ever they come.

This current iteration revolves around the intimate of all spaces: sketches, writings, illustrations and its odds and ends. With a 160-strong collection of journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks, every visit will open another door to the inner workings of her mind and what makes her tick.

Welcome home.