Hi, it's Ina.

I'm a 27-year-old living in the southern part of Metro Manila, Philippines, and am a Project Manager by profession... among other things.

Basically, I'm a pretty much young professional in the middle of a concrete jungle, jumping around place to place. I've been a Copyeditor, an Account Manager, an Account Executive, a Staffer, and a Project Officer in various companies both Private and Public.

I was born in the heart of Manila and my family relocated to ParaƱaque City, where we live up to now. Armed with a background in Communications from UST, I ventured into the workplace, meeting colleagues and forever friends along the way, and learning so much along the way.

Shifting to working for the government has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had thus far, as well as meeting new people every single day. I thrive the most in places where work varies from day to day, and alternates between standing on my feet every day and sitting in my office desk.

Outside of the workplace, I write, draw, and read Young Adult and Design books. I volunteer my time as a pianist at our local Catholic church during Sunday mornings.

About 365inasnap

I have kept a small, Ina-sized space on the Internet since 2009, where I go from time to time to write. It has gone from a daily photoblog, to having shorter posts, to longform, to reviews, to Money Diaries, and then I paused for a while and stopped writing altogether. This time, I'm taking to keeping a space that's mine and having a space to post professional work, as well.

Unlike most creatives, the work I do isn't seen as easily; it's a service, after all. I have the privilege of working with copywriters, graphic artists, graphic designers, and even web developers in the process of mounting events. In the future, I'll upload photos of bits and pieces of projects I've worked on.

Work with Me

If you have an event concept in mind that you would like to work on, or need some help in executing a project, let's work together to bring it to life!